Thanks to all who attended

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Dear SftP-ers,

Thank you again so much for such an extraordinarily exciting conference. It was tremendously gratifying to see it all come together so well, and I’m really congratulating myself for having somehow gotten myself into a position of organizing a conference that, given the participants, couldn’t have been anything but wonderful.

Most of you heard me say that I would be responding to the widespread call for names and email addresses to be posted on the website. I will do that on or shortly after April 21st, and your name and email will be included unless you opt out before then.

And please stay tuned for further updates. The video of all the events will go up in a few weeks (I’ll let you know as soon as it happens), and we have a collective of five graduate students who will be working to put together a “reader” of documents from the movement with interpretive introductions for the use of students, study groups, etc. The conference website will be maintained as a hub for further scholarship and organizing around Science for the People.

I very much hope that this is just the beginning!