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Plenary Panel: “The History and Lasting Significance of Science for the People”

The first speaker in this panel was Kelly More, she discussed Science for the People and what was distinctive about Science for the People during the time they were active. She talked about how the group rallied around the use of scientific development for military purposes. She talked about the scientists involved and their response to their peers who were… Read more »

Women and Science

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The first speaker was Donna Riley a professor of engineering at Smith College posed the idea that the discussion should not be about women in science, but about gender in science so the conversation will be more inclusive for all involved. She discussed the work of feminists in Science for the People and how they changed common thinking about the… Read more »

Challenging Myth of Race and Gender

Jonathan Beckwith from Harvard University’s School of Medicine opened the panel discussing biological determinism. He discussed that in the 1970s biological determinism was an extremely popular topic in the biological community. From Science for the People’s work with biological determinism two groups arose, council for responsible genetics and the sociobiology study group. He then discussed the focus of genome biology… Read more »

Math and Computer Technology

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Chandler Davis was the first to speak; he discussed different organizations of mathematicians and their work against social injustice. The specific organizations he discussed are Mathematician’s Action Group, Association of Women in Mathematics and the National Association of Mathematics. He found himself irritated by recruiting ads for war research and issued a statement saying: “Mathematicians we urge you to take… Read more »

Math and Computer Technology

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Meet your conference bloggers Pt. 1

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Hey everyone! My name is Colleen and I am a Public Health major with a minor in computer science. I will be graduating in 2016, and I hail from a small town outside of Boston. Someday I hope to do research on population genetics and then get my PhD in medical genetics. I’m looking forward to this conference and meeting… Read more »

Meet your conference bloggers!

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Keep checking back over the next week for posts to meet the students who will be documenting the conference for this blog. The bloggers you will meet are Colleen, Paityn, Rachel, and Doug! Bookmark this blog for up-to-date information from the panels you cannot make, and check back after the conference for summaries of all the panels! pharmacy viagra