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Stories from the Movement

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The conference opened with “Stories form the Movement” a panel of  six members of science for the people who were interviewed by UMASS undergrads to share their memories over the  founding, and everyday functions of Science for the People. In short, Sigrid captured their influence best as “people who made Science for the People what it was” Al Weinrub one of the… Read more »

Climate Change and Energy Technology and Policy

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The Climate Change and Energy Technology and Policy panel discusses past and current concerns with the use, production, and  regulation of energy. The panelists: Brian Tokar, David Schwartzman, Rachel Smolker, and Michael Dorsey shared their opinions and experiences with energy and climate change. To open, they introduced a local issue of energy production involving a proposal for a pipeline in northern… Read more »

DC Metro SftP

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The DC Metro Science for the People proclaims themselves as the only still active Science for the People group. The panel was composed of Jane Zara, John Tharakan, and David Schwartzman who discussed different projects of interest to the DC Metro SftP  and the greater -DC area.   John Tharakan opened the panel by retelling the story of Easter Island as… Read more »

Teaching Social Justice in Science

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Teaching Social Justice in Science was a panel discussion between Roberta Garner, Ron Eglash, G. Michael Barnett,  and Steve Alsop about their own experiences integrating science education keeping in mind the social implications of their practice. Each panel member presented a personal and unique perspective over the importance of treading social justice in science As well, as offering their own… Read more »

Meet your conference bloggers Pt.2

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Hi! I’m Rachel Rozanski. I am a sophomore STPEC student at UMASS. I’m excited to be blogging about the conference and having the opportunity to meet some of the members of Science for the People, after having learned about the them all semester.