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Four students in the UMass undergraduate seminar, “History 492AH: Science for the People,” will be writing about their experiences here.

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Toxics and Occupational & Public Health

Frank Bove, Scott Schneider, David Kotelchuck, and Frank Mirer offered an interesting talk concerning health on Saturday afternoon. Frank Bove spoke of his work with the grassroots organization ECO-Action, active in Georgia. In this group, he works with communities to solve local issues concerning toxic chemicals. Bove discussed the importance of the precautionary principle and an epidemiologist’s responsibility to apply… Read more »

A Much Too Brief Display of Saturday Night’s Talent

Saturday night the UMass campus was blessed with the presence of Walnut Da Lyrical Geni, Sara C & the Sagamore James Band, and Papel Machete, puppetry with a message, a project of AgitArte. I was able to catch a few moments of the puppet festivities, though by no means do these clips do the night justice. I wish I could… Read more »

The Militarization of Science

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The militarization of science, particularly at the University level, was and is a subject of great interest to speakers Jonathan King, Frances Crowe, and Derek Denman as we heard at the SftP conference last Saturday afternoon. Held on the 26th floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois library, the panel’s location reflected the lofty heights of the discussion. Jonathan King discussed… Read more »

Teaching Social Justice in Science

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Teaching Social Justice in Science was a panel discussion between Roberta Garner, Ron Eglash, G. Michael Barnett,  and Steve Alsop about their own experiences integrating science education keeping in mind the social implications of their practice. Each panel member presented a personal and unique perspective over the importance of treading social justice in science As well, as offering their own… Read more »

Math and Computer Technology

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Meet your conference bloggers Pt.2

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Hi! I’m Rachel Rozanski. I am a sophomore STPEC student at UMASS. I’m excited to be blogging about the conference and having the opportunity to meet some of the members of Science for the People, after having learned about the them all semester.

Meet your conference bloggers Pt. 1

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Hey everyone! My name is Colleen and I am a Public Health major with a minor in computer science. I will be graduating in 2016, and I hail from a small town outside of Boston. Someday I hope to do research on population genetics and then get my PhD in medical genetics. I’m looking forward to this conference and meeting… Read more »

Meet your conference bloggers!

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Keep checking back over the next week for posts to meet the students who will be documenting the conference for this blog. The bloggers you will meet are Colleen, Paityn, Rachel, and Doug! Bookmark this blog for up-to-date information from the panels you cannot make, and check back after the conference for summaries of all the panels! pharmacy viagra