History of Science for the People

Science for the People magazine

Science for the People magazine ran for more than 100 issues from 1970-1989, and channeled the full spectrum of causes that SftP members championed around the country. The publication is an integral part of the group’s legacy. (Files are courtesy of original SESPA/SftP member Charlie Schwartz)

More Writings

More Writings By, and About, Science for the People

Bibliography of secondary literature on SftP and science activism more broadly.

Transcripts of oral histories of SftP members, conducted by Patrick Catt.

A Wisconsin researcher made FOIA requests for domestic surveillance files about SftP to several federal agencies. The requests were fulfilled in 2007-2008. Read them here: FBI file (FBI FOVPA #1071371-000); CIA file (FBI FOVPA #1071371-000); USAF file (AFOSI #2008-FOIA-00199)

A current SftP list-serv with contributions from many members of the original organization.

DC Metro Science for the People: http://www.dcmetrosftp.org

SftP History Research Collective

Learn more about the researchers who have teamed up to collect, organize, edit, and analyze materials on the history of Science for the People.