SftP Oral Histories

Transcripts of tape-recorded interviews conducted by Patrick Catt and deposited at the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics:

Interview with Dr. Dan Bolef
At Irwin, Pennsylvania, Sewickley Township, February 13 1997

Interview with Dr. William Davidon
At Haverford College, July 11 1997

Interview with Dr. Michael Goldhaber
In Berkeley, CA, July 20 1995

Interview with Dr. Robert March
At University of Wisconsin, Madison, June 26 1995

Interview with Dr. Charles Schwartz (Part 1)
At University of California, Berkeley, July 19 1995

Interview with Dr. Charles Schwartz (Part 2)
In Berkeley, California, May 15 1987

Interview with Dr. Lincoln Wolfenstein
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 19 1997