Closing Plenary: “SftP 2.0… Where do we go from here?”

Thompson 102

The founding document for SCIENTISTS dedicated to vigorous SOCIAL and POLITICAL ACTION (precursor to SftP) announced the intent to establish a “forum where all concerned scientists — and especially students and younger members of the profession — may explore the questions, Why are we scientists? For whose benefit do we work? What is the full measure of our moral and social responsibility?” The panelists assembled here will offer a range of answers on these questions and will open a discussion of how young scientists today can imagine their futures as part of a progressive movement to build a science for the people. We expect to engage a wide range of experiences and views from the participants in the conference.

Vinton Thompson. President, Metropolitan College, SftP member.

Steve Nadel. Climate activist, SftP member.

Ivan Handler. Chief Technology Officer, Illinois Office of Health Information Technology, SftP member.

Ignacio Chapela. Professor of Environmental Science, University of California Berkeley.

Darshan Karwat. AAAS Fellow, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF FILE OF KARWAT PRESENTATION)

Karoline Pershell. AAAS Fellow, Department of State, Foreign Service Institute. (PDF OF PERSHELL PRESENTATION)