Plenary Panel: The History and Lasting Significance of Science for the People

Thompson 102

Sigrid Schmalzer. Professor of History, Director of Social Thought & Political Economy, UMass Amherst. Chair.

Kelly Moore. Professor of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago. “Knowledge for Justice: Science for the People in the Context of Scientist Activism”

Susan Lindee. Professor of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania. “Sftp and the ‘Hidden Curriculum’ of Cold War Science”

Sarah Bridger. Professor of History, California Polytechnic State University. “”Science at War: Anti-Militarism and the Critique of Professional Neutrality in the Origins of SftP”

Alyssa Botelho. BA, Harvard College 2013. “SftP and the 1976 Cambridge Recombinant DNA Controversy”

Peter Taylor. Director, Science in a Changing World, UMass Boston. “The More and Less Visible Colleges of Marxist Scientists and Critics

Comments to follow from SftP members Rich Rosen and Lorne Taichman