Science for the People Magazine - 1976

Vol. 8 No. 1 (Jan 1976)
Scholars for Dollars
Organizing in Silicon Valley
Ann Arbor Conference
Hardin’s Lifeboat Adrift
SftP and AAAS: 1976
Discontent at the National Labs
N.E. Regional Conference
SftP Sessions at AAAS

Vol. 8 No. 2 (Mar 1976)
AAAS: Bicentennial and Beyond
Sociobiology: Tool for Social Oppression
Gene Implantation: Hazards of Genetic Engineering
In the Land where Coca Cola is Queen
Agribusiness: Feeding Profit Rather than People
The Structure of American Health Care
Biomedical Research, Politics and Health Policy
Women in Science: “Women Drink Water while Men Drink Wine”
Science Teaching
Science and Technology in the Third World
Review of Research and Revolution
Social Science Research: A Tool of Counterinsurgency

Vol. 8 No. 3  (May 1976)
Nuclear Power: Who Needs It?
MassCOSH: Organizing for Occupational Health
The Politics of Scientific Conceptualization
Review of SftP AAAS Activities …
Current Opinion: Battling on Energy
Movie Review: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Vol. 8 No. 4 (July 1976)
Epidemic! The Cancer-Producing Society
Male Contraception
Nonverbal Communication and the Social Control of Women
Racism at Harvard
Jobs and the Environment: A National Conference

Vol. 8 No. 5  (Sep-Oct 1976)
Three Views on Alternative Technology: Is Less More?; Possibilities and Limitations; Not a Revolutionary Strategy
Women and Health: A Review of the Literature
Sexism at Cancer Lab
Nuclear Power Hazards
Jungle Law: Stealing the Double Helix. A Review of Ann Sayre’s Rosalind Franklin and DNA
Current Opinion: Recombinant DNA Research

Vol. 8 No. 6  (Nov-Dec 1976)
M.D.s in the Drug Industry’s Pocket
Economics and Population Control
Current Opinion: Seabrook, Nuclear Power, and the Clamshell Alliance
Workers Demand Production for People
Fighting People’s Art in N.Y.C.
Book Review: Food for Naught
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