Science for the People Magazine - 1977

Vol. 9 No. 1  (Jan-Feb 1977)
Turning Prescriptions into Profits
Birth Control: An Historical Study
Fighting Sterilization Abuse
U.S. Medical Research Abroad: For the Power Not the People
Book Review: Woman on the Edge of Time
Eastern Regional Conference

Vol. 9 No. 2  (Mar-Apr 1977)
Birth Control and the Eugenists
A Declaration of Nuclear Resistance
Human Experimentation: Who are the Guinea Pigs?
Community Organizing and Institutional Expansion
The Chemical Industry’s Travelling Circus
Come to the Regional Conference

Vol. 9 No. 3  (May-June 1977)
Brown Lung Blues
Don’t Breathe the Air on Morningside Heights
Recombinant DNA: Does the Fault Lie Within Our Genes?
Thoughts on Long-Term Membership in SftP
Clinic Workers Strike for Your Health
Sack Saccharine, Defend Delaney
Sociobiology: A Sexist Synthesis
Midwest Regional Conference Report
China: A Trip Proposal

Vol. 9 No. 4  (July-Aug 1977)
Exporting Infant Malnutrition
Repression of Scientists in Argentina
A Review of: Eat Your Heart Out
Fighting Nukes at Seabrook
Are Sex Roles Biologically Determined?
Voluntown, 1977 – The SftP Conference
Inequality and Schools

Vol. 9 No. 5  (Sep-Oct 1977)
Using OSHA
Carter’s Energy Plan: Our Cloudy Future
Current Opinion: Abortion Legislation
Blaming the Victim: Hyperactivity and Social Control
Announcement of Biology as a Social Weapon
An Open Letter to E.O. Wilson
A Reading List on Biological Determinism
Dealing with Experts: The Recombinant DNA Debate
A Review of Man & Woman, Boy & Girl
Santa Cruz Chapter Report

Vol. 9 No. 6 (Nov-Dec 1977)
Seveso: Zona Infestata
Oppose the Neutron Bomb
Laboratory! An SftP Play
So Much for the Myths of Hunger
Protecting Women Out of Their Jobs
A Review of The Night Is Dark and I Am Far from Home
Biological Determinism as an Ideological Weapon