Science for the People Magazine - 1981

Vol. 13 No. 1 (Jan-Feb 1981)
Agricultural Research and Social Conflict
Technology and Productivity
Bottle Babies and Managed Mothers
Book Review: Overcoming Math Anxiety, by Sheila Tobias

Vol. 13 No. 2 (Mar-Apr 1981)
Taking Back the Land
Science Policy Changes in China
Medical Industry Thrives, Health Care Fails
Western or Indigenous Science
Cuban Science: Meeting the People’s Needs
U.S. Military Supplies Salvadorean Regime
Book Review: Aid As Obstacle, by Collins, Kinley and Lappe

Vol. 13 No. 3  (May-June 1981)
Workers Face Office Automation
The Politics of Alternative Technology
Update from Grenada
If the Swedes Can Do It …
Earth Day at Livermore Is Like Brotherhood Week at Auschwitz
Cook County – Back to Coathangers
Book Review: Marx ForBeginners  &  Freud For Beginners  &  Einstein For Beginners

Vol. 13 No. 4 (July-Aug 1981)
Resurgent Militarism in Academia
What Constitutes “Adequate” Defense?
The Basic Economics of “Rearming America”
Biological Weapons and Third World Targets
Challenging the Weapons Labs
U.S./U.S.S.R. Strategic Policy
Laser Fusion: Image and Reality of a Military Program
Space Militarism: A Debate

Vol. 13 No. 5 (Sep-Oct 1981)
Girls, Boys and Math
Born Again Creationism
Tampons: Looking Beyond Toxic Shock
Women Empowering Women
“Disabled Doesn’t Mean Unable”
Disability, After the Revolution
International Meeting of Radical Science Journals
Book Review: Birth Control and Controlling Birth  &  Custom-Made Child

Vol. 13 No. 6 (Nov-Dec 1981)
Robots at G.E.
Chips Are on at Left Mags
Where Is Automation in Manufacturing Headed?
The Terminal Secretary
The Pentagon’s Computer Game
Book Review: Microelectronics: Capitalist Technology and the Working Class