Toxics and Occupational and Public Health

Campus Center 903
Organizer: Frank Mirer

Frank Bove. Board Member, Environmental Community Action (ECO-Action), a grassroots environmental organization in Georgia. “Environmental epidemiology for the people: Working with communities on toxic chemicals and the precautionary principle” (PDF FILE OF BOVE PRESENTATION)

Scott Schneider. Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America. “Working for workers: Doing Science for the People in the union movement” (DOCX FILE OF SCHNEIDER PRESENTATION)

David Kotelchuck. Professional Staff Congress-City College of New York and Hunter. “An Odyssey from High-Energy Physics to Occupational Health and Safety, with Inspiration from SftP” (PDF FILE OF KOTELCHUK PRESENTATION)

Frank Mirer. Former United Autombile Workers and Hunter. “Doing Well by Being Left: Occupational Health in Service of the Union Movement” (PDF FILE OF MIRER PRESENTATION)